Renter Equity Club

At Cornerstone, we provide opportunities for families to earn money for long-term personal savings, to build assets for their future, and to have a voice in their community.

Members can earn…

Housing Equity Funds

by paying rent on time.

Community Equity Funds

by attending community meetings, volunteering, and participating in events such as block clean-ups, garden club, and family nights.

Personal Equity Funds

by working one-on-one with our Family Coaches to set community building and personal development goals.

Financial Equity Funds

by working one-on-one with our Financial Coach to set financial goals and enroll in financial literacy classes.

Health and Wellness Equity Funds

by engaging in healthy activities and attending healthcare appointments.

Social Networking Equity Funds

by assisting a fellow member with an identified need.

Program Equity Funds

by completing quarterly and annual self-sufficiency assessments.

Members can earn up to $155 monthly or $2,000 annually, and are fully vested after three years, which means they can withdraw equity funds to purchase a home or vehicle, pay off or reduce debt, pursue education, address other needs, or continue saving.